Jim Reed
Owner Operator
ReedSpeed Vintage Motorsports
(Established February, 2012)


Biography - Jim Reed’s trade and professional background spans 45 years:

1967-80 Employed as a full time mechanic in the motor racing and automotive/motorcycle restoration industry – specializing on British and Italian sports and formula racing cars, as well as British and Japanese motorcycles.
Dealership experience includes the following: Norton, Triumph, BSA, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki.

1980 -- instructor of motorcycle mechanics at a Honda supported training program in Ft. Pierce, FL -- until retirement in January 2013.
Part Time Business -- specializing in vintage road racing motorcycles and
race cars as well as tuning on several different race teams in the AMA Pro F-1 series on TZ-750 race bikes.
Quarterly Newsletter Publication -- The Yamaha "T" Register for those interested in collecting and racing Yamaha production road racers. Wrote numerous technical/historical articles for several motorcycle magazines.
Contributor to Yamaha Two-Stroke Twins, by Colin MacKellar, and Yamaha Production; Roadracing Motorcycles Vol I, by Greg Benett

1980-1996: Road raced a variety of Yamaha motorcycles: TZ-750A, 350 A & C, 250 A & C, TR-3B,TD-3B,TD-2B,TD1B and TA-125, including a Yamaha TT-SR 500 hybrid super singles bike in Pro/AM (in amateur sprint racing and endurance racing). Earned expert license, and won five championships.

1995-2004: Ran a Honda 600 and a Yamaha TZ-250/350
with the East Coast Timing Association for National Standing Mile Land Speed Records, earning three land speed records.

2004-2008: Road raced a 250cc shifter laydown kart in the Unlimited I & II class in the World Karting Association -- earning numerous wins.